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Flexi-Bark is a high quality, natural looking, bound rubber chip available from DCM
The low maintenance replacement for bark chipping

  • Ideal soft surface for playgrounds and public parks - very low maintenance
  • Available in a variety of colours and styles
  • Clean and hygienic with year round usage

Why Choose Rubber Mulch Surfacing?

Rubber Mulch surfacing is the low maintenance alternative to traditional bark chipping. Made from rubber mulch bound in a resin the surface is durable, hardwearing and does not migrate. Used commonly on playgrounds and in parks rubber mulch is both practical and visual appealing.

Low maintenance and hardwearing

Low maintenance and hardwearing

Rubber Mulch is an ideal alternative to traditional bark for public play areas and playgrounds. The surfaces is very low maintenance, durable and hardwearing. Unlike traditional bark, rubber mulch does not attract wildlife and is not subject to degradation or rotting. The rubber chippings are bound together meaning there is no scattering or settlement areas. Traditional bark chipping is often subject to compaction meaning the surface becomes less effective at absorbing impact raising safety concerns. There is no such compaction with Flexi-Bark

Variety of colours

Variety of colours

DCM Rubber Mulch is available in a variety of colours and colour blends. It can be tailored to achieve a desired look. The rubber surface is porous meaning it does not hold surface water and during rainy periods the surface is quick to dry allowing for all year round play. The soft rubber chippings do not leave sharp edges meaning the surface maintains its safety integrity and where binder is used Flexi-Bark is virtually indestructible gibing you peace of mind when t comes to the product life-span.

Professionally installed

Professionally installed

Like all our products we firmly believe if you are going to do a should do it properly. For the best results and ultimate longevity of your investment, a stone sub base retained with a suitable edging is highly recommended. DCM handle both the finished surfacing and the groundworks so you can guarantee a professionally installed product that will look stunning and be long lasting.

I would highly recommend the play surface we had installed by DCM. It is colourful, serviceable and hardwearing. The children love the soft surface, and it gives us greater flexibility for safe, structured outdoor play
Primary School, Hull